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Largest 50 Foundations in California Respond to the Economic Crisis

Many foundations have publicly announced their plans for how they will respond to the economic crisis. Here we've compiled an overview of these announcements and related news. We will continue to update this chart, so please check back for the latest information.
Updated 4/26/2010
Grantmaker Name Total Assets Total Giving Fiscal Year Summary Original Source
Top 50 Foundations, by Total Assets
J. Paul Getty Trust $10,837,340,620 $18,759,273 6/30/2008 Announced a 24 percent budget reduction, reflecting reduced endowment income. The budget includes lower operating costs in order to preserve its work in Los Angeles and around the world. Statement from Getty Trust President and CEO James Wood Regarding Getty's FY 2010 Budget
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation $6,289,035,000 $376,979,000 12/31/2008 Will honor grant commitments made in 2008 and previous years, though the dollar amount of its overall grantmaking is likely to be down. A Note on the Economy
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation $4,650,858,492 $301,979,479 12/31/2008 Will honor current grant commitments and increase payout rate from its endowment, though the dollar amount of grantmaking will be down. Foundation Enewsletter
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation $4,509,705,996 $261,740,279 12/31/2008 Significantly reduce grantmaking in 2009, and anticipates lower levels of funding in 2010 and 2011. While the absolute number of funding dollars will be less than 2008, the payout rate will be higher at 6%. Letter from Steve McCormick
The California Endowment $3,083,096,943 $140,467,401 2/28/2009 All current grant commitments and current-year grantmaking levels will be honored and upheld. Grantmaking levels for the coming fiscal year will not be reduced from the existing multiyear spending plan. On Tough Times: A Message from Our Leadership
Annenberg Foundation $1,602,260,949 $152,835,474 6/30/2009 While grantmaking is by invitation only, the foundation announced the creation of Alchemy, a program designed to strengthen and aid in the sustainability of Los Angeles-based nonprofits through capacity building and leadership development. About Alchemy
Silicon Valley Community Foundation $1,494,039,827 $291,096,834 12/31/2008 Has matched over $1 million in donations for food and shelter programs as part of its "Strengthen the Safety Net" campaign. We did it!
While assets have decreased, the foundation will be able to maintain grantmaking of $8 million from its endowment in 2009. Community Foundation Reduces Workforce
Eli & Edythe Broad Foundation $1,348,976,378 $116,505,375 12/31/2008 Eli Broad personally gave $18 million more to his foundation this year than in 2007. Feeling Pinched, Some U.S. Philanthropists Give More
The James Irvine Foundation $1,306,590,965 $69,315,228 12/31/2008 Launched Fund for Financial Restructuring to support current grantees that have already initiated planning to determine how best to adapt to the economic downturn. Fund for Financial Restructuring
Will commit about the same amount to advocacy work and other efforts as in 2008. Many Foundations Have Lost Almost One-Third of Their Assets, Chronicle Study Finds
California Community Foundation $1,066,262,000 $191,222,000 6/30/2009 Creating grants and technical assistance for grantees to help impacted nonprofits. California Community Foundation Awards $1.7 Million to Help Local Nonprofits Weather Impact of Economic Crisis
The Norton Simon Foundation $980,117,031 $5,000,000 12/31/2008
Marin Community Foundation $933,084,933 $58,710,149 6/30/2009 In 2008 gave $1 million in two rounds of grants supporting safety-net programs. MCF Grants Additional $750,000 for Safety-Net Programs
The San Francisco Foundation $904,494,000 $80,088,000 6/30/2009 Establishing an Emergency Fund to support three key areas of need: Safety Net Services, Emergency Loans for Nonprofit Organizations, and Support for Organizations in Transition; and remains committed to fulfilling existing grant obligations. Listening and Responding to Our Community
Established the Nonprofit Transitions Fund, which is designed to help organizations rethink and regroup in response to the downturn in the economy. Nonprofit Transitions Fund Launches to Support Intentional Change
W. M. Keck Foundation $869,957,000 $53,116,000 12/31/2008
Shimon ben Joseph Foundation $814,768,736 $23,547,964 12/31/2008 Will honor current commitments. Foundation News
The Ahmanson Foundation $774,169,095 $47,554,783 10/31/2008
The Broad Art Foundation $765,397,716 $1,845,500 12/31/2008
The California Wellness Foundation $697,964,109 $54,251,652 12/31/2008 "Will maintain the same level of grantmaking in 2009 as 2008, despite a loss in the value of their endowment portfolio." Foundations Respond to the Needs of Families Even as Their Assets Have Declined
Weingart Foundation $604,207,193 $45,196,503 6/30/2009 Foundation will expand its current general operating support to include a new program called Core Support. Expansion of Core Support
The Packard Humanities Institute $566,177,630 $18,777,248 12/31/2008
Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation $557,135,535 $28,370,085 8/31/2008
Wayne & Gladys Valley Foundation $535,380,846 $45,014,612 9/30/2008
The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation $534,213,174 $853,032 12/31/2008
The Skoll Foundation $533,427,295 $29,366,926 6/30/2008
The Lincy Foundation $507,627,637 $170,728,247 9/30/2008
Tosa Foundation $462,876,849 $71,732,009 12/31/2008
May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust $450,290,672 $6,166,879 12/31/2007
H. N. & Frances C. Berger Foundation $448,996,051 $10,883,687 12/31/2008
Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund $430,229,650 $41,876,804 12/31/2008 Will be increasing total grant payments in 2009. However, the Fund is shifting from multi-year to one-year grants, deferring payments of some grants, and denying some returning grantseekers. From the President
The San Diego Foundation, $428,724,000 $60,680,000 6/30/2009 The foundation has partnered with the United Way of San Diego County to establish the Nonprofit Economic Recovery initiative, known as the Survive & Thrive Fund. The San Diego Foundation web site
Koret Foundation $332,344,565 $18,908,363 12/31/2008 $1 million initiative to support Bay Area families and individuals who are struggling due to temporary job loss or home foreclosure. $1 Million Koret Initiative to Help Bay Area Families Through Tough Economic Times
The East Bay Community Foundation $331,331,578 $50,665,013 6/30/2009 "In response to increased community need, the East Bay Community Foundation and its donors have made more than $9.1 million in grants since the beginning of the current crisis in mid-September 2008, including almost $600,000 to programs in Alameda and Contra Costa counties related to the Foundationís new strategy of advancing economic opportunity for adults and families and ensuring young children are successful in the education system. The foundation expects to grant another $345,000 toward economic opportunity and the education that ultimately leads to it." $9.1 Million in Grants from East Bay Community Foundation
Santa Barbara Foundation $325,200,982 $31,044,105 12/31/2007 The Santa Barbara Foundation has created a new fund, the Community Economic Recovery Fund, which will be used exclusively for grants for food, shelter and/or medical care assistance to nonprofit groups that provide these basic services in Santa Barbara County. The Fund will award grants of up to $50,000 for emergency relief for established organizations with the capacity to assess needs and allocate resources. Community Economic Recovery Fund
Wells Fargo Foundation $315,310,349 $66,702,936 12/31/2008
Stuart Foundation $314,073,221 $15,919,286 12/31/2008
Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund $304,026,259 $70,032,068 12/31/2008 Committed to paying out in excess of the five percent payout minimum required by law in 2009. However, because the total dollar amount of the endowment has decreased, our overall giving will also decrease from previous boom-time years. Letter from Richard Goldman
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation $295,514,269 $19,130,447 12/31/2008 Will contribute about $14 million to charities in Southern California, a $5 million decrease from 2008. Many Foundations Have Lost Almost One-Third of Their Assets, Chronicle Study Finds
The McConnell Foundation $291,631,556 $6,900,032 12/31/2008
Thomas & Dorothy Leavey Foundation $289,159,011 $13,775,136 12/31/2007
The Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation $288,555,818 $3,677,784 6/30/2008
Thomas and Stacey Siebel Foundation $282,176,441 $15,675,500 12/31/2007
The Priem Family Foundation $280,954,196 $14,586,542 6/30/2009
UniHealth Foundation $272,496,685 $15,530,162 9/30/2008 Decreases in the endowment have constrained new grantmaking in the current fiscal year. Foundation will honor substantial multi-year commitments. Chairman's Message

William K. Bowes, Jr. Foundation $247,915,486 $19,656,550 12/31/2008
Omidyar Network Fund, Inc. $242,464,334 $50,452,358 12/31/2008
The Milken Family Foundation $205,033,649 $13,076,807 11/30/2008
Walter and Elise Haas Fund $188,900,000 $13,113,263 12/31/2008 Grants budget for 2009 essentially the same as 2008, although the Fund will not be making new multi-year commitments. From the Executive Director
Colburn Music Fund $169,739,356 $17,002,325 6/30/2008
Sierra Health Foundation $169,688,848 $5,132,668 12/31/2007 Has committed $1 million for safety-net services through its Responsive Grants Program. Responsive Grants Program
Bernard Osher Foundation $166,066,198 $100,256,114 12/31/2008
Other Grantmakers (not among 50 largest foundations, by total assets)
S. H. Cowell Foundation $122,790,418 $10,028,409 12/31/2008 Although the grants budget will be reduced in terms of dollars, the Foundation estimates that it will payout 10 percent of its corpus in grants in 2009. In addition, the foundation will curtail the awarding of multi-year grants and will focus on giving to prior grantees that are experiencing difficulty navigating this economic environment. President's Letter
Dean & Margaret Lesher Foundation $88,102,619 $3,939,407 12/31/2007 Will accept grant proposals only from those nonprofit organizations it is currently funding or has funded in the past. Lesher Foundation web site
Blue Shield of California Foundation $68,216,618 $29,831,775 12/31/2008 Will meet all existing grant commitments and will release new requests for proposals for core operating support and capacity building initiatives that fund community clinics and domestic violence service providers. From the President and CEO
Columbia Foundation $59,704,423 $3,247,482 5/31/2009 Will be reducing the 2009 budget for grants and operations by 13 percent. Columbia Foundation web site
Napa Valley Community Foundation $23,148,587 $2,756,521 6/30/2008 Announced an emergency "safety net" grant program to help meet increased demand for basic needs. Napa Valley Community Foundation distributes nearly $300,000 for food, shelter and emergency assistance
The W. L. S. Spencer Foundation $8,857,209 $1,333,833 12/31/2008 The Foundation will only consider grant requests from previously funded organizations. Grantmaking Guidelines
San Marcos Community Foundation $1,219,619 $57,709 6/30/2007 Suspending grantmaking activity until further notice as of November 2008. San Marcos Community Foundation web site
The Samueli Foundation $212,433 $5,051,767 12/31/2007 Foundation concentrating resources on its current grantees and partners; no longer accepting LOIs. Beginning November 24, 2008, the Samueli Foundation will no longer be accepting Letters Of Inquiry (LOI) or unsolicited proposals.
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