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Identify Funding Sources: Print Funding Directories

The Foundation Directories

The Foundation Directory and The Foundation Directory Part 2 list key facts on the top 20,000 U.S. foundations. Each book contains 10,000 foundations.
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National Directory of Corporate Giving

Corporate philanthropic programs are closely tied to the business practices of their parent companies, and the National Directory of Corporate Giving offers detailed portraits of corporate foundations and direct giving programs.
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Grant Guides

Our digital Grant Guides provide you with descriptions of actual foundation grants (of $10,000 or more) awarded in various subject fields. The Guides — in a downloadable, searchable PDF format — will help you to identify funders in your field and track grants awarded to organizations similar to your own.
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Celebrity Foundation Directory

Profiles of thousands of charitable foundations that have been established by well-known figures in business, sports, entertainment, politics, and other areas. It details the charitable giving interests of the rich and famous in a downloadable, searchable PDF format.
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Foundation Grants for Individuals

While most foundations make grants primarily to nonprofit organizations, Foundation Grants to Individuals is a directory of foundations known to make grants to individuals, such as students, artists, researchers, and other professionals.
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Guide to Funding for International and Foreign Programs

Grantmakers featured in this Guide provide funding for international relief, disaster assistance, human rights, civil liberties, community development, conferences, and education.
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