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Identify Funding Sources: Corporate Giving Online

Corporate Giving Online is an online database of corporate donors that support nonprofit organizations and programs through grants as well as in-kind donations of equipment, products, professional services, and volunteers. Subscriptions are priced from $59.95 a month.

Corporate Giving Online offers access to facts about corporate donors and their grants through three search interfaces: Search Companies, Search Grantmakers, and Search Grants.

Search Companies

Search companies to find local contacts for corporate donations. Results include subsidiaries, divisions, joint ventures, plants, and offices for the parent company.

Search Grantmakers

Search grantmakers to find company-sponsored foundations, direct corporate giving programs, grantmaking public charities, and operating foundations affiliated with U.S. companies.

Search Grants

Search grants to find descriptions of grants recently awarded by corporate grantmakers.

Data Portfolios

Search results offer comprehensive details on companies, grantmakers, and grants to help bring corporate funding interests sharply into focus.

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