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It's How We Live: Branding Strategies for Socially Responsible Organizations

New York, NY
February 20, 2007

Presented by Raphael Bemporad and Mitch Baranowski of the Bemporad Baranowski Marketing Group (BBMG), this workshop explores the power of branding for social good, offering practical branding strategies and techniques that can help nonprofits stand out in the marketplace and advance their mission.

Segment 1: Foundation Center Introduction


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Running time: 1:40

View segments:

Segment 1: Foundation Center Introduction [1:40]

Segment 2: Overview [1:37]

Segment 3: What's Your Favorite Brand? [4:12]

Segment 4: Why Brand-Driven Communications? [5:00]

Segment 5: The Law of the Word [1:28]

Segment 6: The Law of Focus [2:25]

Segment 7: The Law of Leadership [1:41]

Segment 8: The Law of Authenticity [1:32]

Segment 9: The Law of Consistency [2:52]

Segment 10: Branding Principles [1:52]

Segment 11: Case Study [4:34]

Segment 12: Questions & Answers [5:16]

Total running time: 34:09

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