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Beyond the Bubble: Technology and the Future of Student Assessment

Published: February 2009

Publisher(s): Education Sector

Author(s): Tucker, Bill

Funder(s): Carnegie Corporation of New York

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Area of focus: Accountability


Students are tested frequently to make critical judgments about the performance of schools, teachers, and students. However states have slowly begun to adapt new technologies to student testing. This report reviews technology-based solutions for increasing the efficiency and sophistication of the testing and measuring skills.

Key Findings and/or Recommendations

+ Powerful new technologies and important developments in cognitive science show potential for a new generation of student testing that could contribute to significant improvements in teaching and learning in the nationís classrooms.

+ In the classroom and at the school-level, new technologies can allow assessment results to be made available immediately to teachers, administrators, and district officials.

+ Technology-based assessments can provide a greater connection to instruction, giving educators the chance to collect information that can be used proactively to inform instruction, rather than only retroactively to gauge success.

+ Digital materials are inherently flexible, making it feasible to customize materials and methods to each individual.

Geographic Focus: National

Subjects/Keywords: Accountability; teacher quality; assessment; education; technology

+ Successful strategy
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