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Framework for a Comprehensive Education Data System in California: Unlocking the Power of Data to Continually Improve Public Education

Published: December 2008

Publisher(s): California Department of Education; Office of the Governor of California

Funder(s): Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Related Organization(s): McKinsey & Company, Office of the Governor of California

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Area of focus: Accountability


Based on research performed by McKinsey and Company, this report calls for the increased availability and use of information to help make critical decisions about education in California. It advocates for a “continuous learning system” utilizing data and feedback to make improvements and outlines key elements of the system. The report also details the steps needed to implement a continuous learning system in offers specific recommendations.

Key Findings and/or Recommendations

= Continue building the longitudinal student and teacher data systems (CALPADS and CALTIDES).

= Enhance the quality, accessibility, completeness, and basic use of its current K-12 data systems.

= Expand the use of that information and data by building more advanced systems that encourage collaboration and best-practice sharing for instruction, administration, and other district functions; provide standard ways to evaluate local, state, and federally funded programs; and improve educators and administrator recruiting, effectiveness, professional development, and retention.

= Create interagency linkages to better inform decisions using data beyond K-12.

Geographic Focus: California

Subjects/Keywords: Accountability; public policy; data-driven decision making; continuous learning systems

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