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How Students Are Making It: Perspectives on Getting Through College From Recent Graduates of the Boston Public Schools

Published: June 2011

Publisher(s): Boston Foundation

Author(s): Stoutland, Sara E.

Funder(s): Boston Foundation

Related Organization(s): Boston Higher Education Partnership

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Area of Focus: Preparation for College


Based on interviews, the report analyzes Boston public high school graduatesí college experiences, explores the differences between those who are succeeding in college and those who are struggling academically, and makes recommendations for improving college achievement.

Key Findings and/or Recommendations

=Many students who were academically successful linked their success to the practice of self-management skills, including managing their time, studying effectively, persisting despite discouragement, and utilizing academic support.

=Two off-campus factors, family and employment, played important roles in studentsí college experiences, which, depending on the individual, could be negative, positive, or neutral in shaping a studentís college experience.

=Students of varying levels of academic achievement found it difficult to obtain clear and accurate academic information and advice from their colleges when they needed it.

Focus: Boston

Subjects/Keywords: Academic Support; College; Completion Rate; Employment; Higher Education; Postsecondary Degree; Success Boston; Time Management

+ Successful strategy
= Observation
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