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Investing in Our Next Generation: A Funder's Guide to Addressing the Educational Opportunities and Challenges Facing English Language Learners

Published: February 2011

Publisher(s): Grantmakers for Education

Funder(s): Annie E. Casey Foundation, Carnegie Corporation of New York, W.K. Kellogg Foundation

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Investing in Our Next Generation: A Funderís Guide to Addressing the Educational Opportunities and Challenges Facing English Language Learners

Area of Focus: Educational Standards


This brief summarizes key themes from a June 2010 gathering convened by Grantmakers for Education that examined the role of philanthropy in supporting English Language Learnersí (ELLs) success. It seeks to deepen grantmakersí understanding of the nationís growing ELL student population and ≠≠explains how to make ELL success a priority across education philanthropy.

Key Findings and/or Recommendations

=One in ten pre-K-12 students are ELLs, or more than 5,300,000 students

=ELL populations are widely diverse, so effective solutions must be targeted to particular ELL groups

=Funders can fill an important role as purveyors of information, educating the public on who ELLs are, why their success matters, and how that success can be achieved

=Grantmakers can assist in preparing the education systems at the classroom, school, and district levels by engaging leadership to prioritize ELL issues and supporting professional development for in-service teachers

=Grantmakers can promote family and community engagement by supporting family literacy programs, use of technology, and community-based advocacy around ELL issues

Geographic Focus: National

Subjects/Keywords: Elementary and Secondary Education; Special Education; Immigration; English Language Learner; ELL

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