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A Model for Success: CART's Linked Learning Program Increases College Enrollment

Published: January 2011

Publisher(s): Center for Advanced Research and Technology

Funder(s): Cal-PASS, Clovis Unified School District, Fresno Unified School District, James Irvine Foundation

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An Evaluation of the Teacher Advancement Program (TAP) in Chicago: Two Year Impact Report

A Model for Success: CARTís Linked Learning Program Increases College Enrollment

Area of Focus: Preparation for College; Educational Standards


The report outlines the Center for Advanced Research Technologyís (CARTís) Linked Learning model that combines high school academics with technical learning and real-world experience, and presents data on its impact on community college and university enrollment.

Key Findings and/or Recommendations

+ Data shows that from 2002-2008, students who participated in CARTís Linked Learning program were more likely to graduate from high school, and were 11% more likely to enroll in community colleges and 2% more likely to enroll in universities.

=CARTís Linked Learning model focuses on a multi-year course of study offering students academic and technical training in such sectors as biomedical and health sciences, finance and business, information technology, public services, and arts, media and entertainment.

=Californiaís Linked Learning Alliance Ė a statewide coalition of education, industry and community organizations dedicated to improving California's high schools Ė is leading the nation in incorporating CARTís Linked Learning model.

Geographic Focus: National

Subjects/Keywords: Preparation for College; CART; Elementary and Secondary Education; Elementary and Secondary Education, School Reform; Higher Education

+ Successful strategy
= Observation
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