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School Improvement Grants: Take 2

Published: December 2010

Publisher(s): School Turnaround Group

Author(s): Shea, Jennifer; Meredith Liu

Funder(s): Carnegie Corporation of New York

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School Improvement Grants: Take 2

Area of Focus: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act


This report highlights the mistakes and successes of Round 1 of the Title I School Improvement Grants (SIG). With Round 2 fast approaching, this guide presents some critical lessons learned, seeking to ensure that errors are not repeated and the ultimate beneficiary of the funding is the students themselves.

Key Findings and/or Recommendations

=Ensure that funding goes to schools willing to implement bold new strategies to improve student achievement

=Enforce accountability—if schools are not meeting benchmarks, take away their funding

=Encourage districts to use Lead Partners to assistant principals with school turnaround

=Communication—to administrators, teachers, parents, and community members—is vital to ensuring a successful program implementation

Geographic Focus: National

Subjects/Keywords: School Improvement Grant; SIG; ARRA; USED; School Turnaround; School Intervention

+ Successful strategy
= Observation
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