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Higher Education in California: New Goals for the Master Plan

Published: April 2010

Publisher(s): Public Policy Institute of California

Author(s): Johnson, Hans P.

Funder(s): William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

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Higher Education in California: New Goals for the Master Plan

Area of focus: Preparation for College


The California Master Plan for Higher Education, enacted fifty years ago, largely defined policies concerning the stateís public higher education systems. This report highlights ways to reform and update the Master Plan to better reflect the current state of high school and higher education, specifically focusing on closing the education skills gap in California.

Key Findings and/or Recommendations

=The state should add ways to measure progress toward meeting its education goals, such as college enrollment rates, transfer rates, and completion rates.

=Increasing eligibility for UC to the top 15 percent of high school graduates and CSU to the top 40 percent will vastly expand racial, economic, and social diversity at these schools.

=A new component of higher education policy focusing on completion rates should be added to the Master Plan.

=A higher target should be defined for bachelorís degrees earned by transfer students to UC and CSU.

=The state must identify ways to fund these changes to the Master Plan.

Geographic Focus: California

Subjects/Keywords: Master Plan; college preparation; state policy; high risk students; minority students; college completion; college eligibility

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