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National Teleconference:
Race to the Top: What Did We Learn and What Comes Next?

April 20, 2010

Forty states and the District of Columbia applied, sixteen finalists were announced, and two states won. Round One of the Race to the Top competition has come and gone, leaving states, districts, and the funders that supported their applications conducting post mortems and contemplating where they go from here as Round Two inches closer on the horizon.

You'll hear perspectives on Rounds One and Two from education leaders integrally involved in the RTT application process in their states: Dwight Jones, Commissioner of Education, Colorado Department of Education; and Rick Miller, former Deputy Superintendent of Policy Development and External Affairs, California Department of Education. The conversation was facilitated by Paul Koehler, Director of the Policy Center at WestEd, a research, development, and service agency that works in the field of education.

Our presenters address such topics as:

  • What were the key challenges and opportunities encountered during the application process?
  • What strategies were employed to bring partners together in your state?
  • What was particularly innovative in your state's RTT application? How do you think this innovation could impact ESEA reauthorization?
  • If your states "win" in Round Two, how will funds be directed, and how will they make a difference?
  • What will be the impact on your state if it is not awarded an RTT grant?
  • What was the impact of philanthropic sector support on the application process?
  • What is your forecast for Round Two and what ongoing or new roles might foundations play?

In addition, Steven Lawrence, Director of Research at the Foundation Center, provides a "sneak preview" of the results of interviews he conducted with other leaders engaged in the RTT competition. Afterward, participants join the discussion during the Q & A segment.

This teleconference is presented as part of the Foundation Center's Foundations for Education Excellence initiative, with support from the C.S. Mott Foundation. We thank the Council on Foundations, the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers, Grantmakers for Education, and the Philanthropy Roundtable for their assistance.

Listen to the teleconference:

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