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New York, NY -- October 20, 2008. Local Mission-Global Vision, a new compilation from the Foundation Center published in collaboration with the Transatlantic Community Foundation Network, explores the roles, opportunities, and challenges for community foundations in this century as their number grows around the world.

Originally launched in the United States, community foundations have expanded to an international level, lending new resonance to the maxim "think globally, act locally." Against this backdrop, Local Mission-Global Vision focuses attention on both the status of and potential for community foundations, including current and emerging roles, potential impact of transnational evolution on organized philanthropy, strategic focus and community leadership, and building stronger communities through creative philanthropy and prudent leadership.

Authored by 17 thought leaders from around the globe, Local Mission-Global Vision reflects their expertise in the fields of social investment, venture philanthropy, strategic program planning, and nonprofit governance. Most of the authors share direct involvement with community philanthropy, whether within the United States or in Canada, Western Europe, the Czech Republic, or Russia.

According to the editors, Peter de Courcy Hero, senior advisor to Silicon Valley Community Foundation, and Peter Walkenhorst, program director for community foundations at the Bertelsmann Stiftung, "Community foundations have fundamentally local missions. Yet, at a time of rapid societal change in almost all aspects of life, the concept of 'local' is increasingly infused with global considerations. Community foundations are responding to this development by becoming more and more engaged in international activities."

Local Mission-Global Vision

is a valuable resource for community foundation staff and practitioners as well as public policymakers and academic scholars. It is available at the Center's Marketplace ($34.95)

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About the Transatlantic Community Foundation Network
Created in 1999 by the Bertelsmann Stiftung with the support and advice of the C.S. Mott Foundation, the Transatlantic Community Foundation Network (TCFN) is a learning community comprising community foundations and support organizations from Europe, North America, and Mexico. The TCFN provides a platform for the exchange of experience and expertise among community foundations on both sides of the Atlantic. It seeks to identify good practice and share it with emerging and existing community foundations. In addition, its goal is to foster the development of this form of philanthropy in countries where the concept is still new. By pursuing strategies which strengthen the capacity of community foundations on both sides of the Atlantic, the network strives to contribute to the growth and advancement of the field.