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Communications Manager
The Foundation Center
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Diane Crupain
Executive Director
RFB&D New York Unit
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New York, NY -- May 7, 2008. The Foundation Center, in partnership with the New York Unit of Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic (RFB&D), is making available free of charge a new audio version of The Foundation Center's Guide to Proposal Writing, the most popular book in its Fundraising and Nonprofit Management Series.

"We were very pleased to work with RFB&D to provide this free resource for all those who want to become better grantseekers, but who prefer to learn by listening. Offering alternative formats makes information more accessible and takes into account different abilities and learning styles," said Charlotte Dion, director of the Center's New York library.

The first audio product to be issued by the Center, the new audiobook was recorded by two New York-based RFB&D volunteers. The entire Guide to Proposal Writing is included in the audiobook. For web visitors' convenience, the recording is divided into tracks corresponding to chapters in the book, and users can listen to the chapters that interest them or download the entire audiobook as a single mp3 file. The Foundation Center's Guide to Proposal Writing is also available as an AudioPlus´┐Ż CD in RFB&D's library for those with visual disabilities.

"RFB&D is celebrating 60 years of providing people with print disabilites equal access to the printed word. We were delighted to partner with the Foundation Center on this most worthy project," said Diane Crupain, executive director of RFB&D New York Unit.

"I have had clients who could not read the small type in books and who were uncomfortable with the computer," said Judith Lee Taylor, research and training coordinator at the Foundation Center's Cooperating Collection at United Way of Tyler/Smith County in Tyler, Texas. "I applaud the Foundation Center's awareness of the needs of this population."

Listen to or download the audiobook┬╗

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