Cheryl Loe
Communications Project Manager
The Foundation Center
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New York, NY -- April 19, 2010. For the second year in a row, the Foundation Center, the nation's leading authority on organized philanthropy, is providing the information platform for the Global Philanthropy Forum's annual conference, April 19-21, 2010, in Redwood City, CA. The conference brings together a diverse group of donors and social investors to explore strategies for addressing global issues.

The Center has used its extensive research database and knowledge resources to make available to conference participants targeted materials through a customized web portal and a set of dynamic visual presentations. These materials have been organized in support of the conference's four central themes for 2010: Food Security, Global Health, Access to Water, and Climate Change.

"Our partnership with the Global Philanthropy Forum is a natural match of knowledge resources with knowledge needs," said Bradford K. Smith, President of the Foundation Center. "The Forum brings together some of the most innovative grantmakers in the world, and we are glad to play a role in helping them find solutions to the most pressing problems of our time."

The four specially commissioned visual presentations will be shown during the conference and streamed via the Forum's web site, They may also be viewed on the web portal created by the Center for this year's Forum, at

The web portal contains statistical information on the top grantmakers and grantees in each funding area, details on recent grants within sub-areas, and the geographical distribution of grant dollars across the developing world. Links are also provided to the full spectrum of data and knowledge resources available through the Foundation Center's web site, including Philanthropy News Digest, the Center's daily online news service; PubHub: a searchable online catalog of foundation-sponsored reports; and FC Stats: thousands of free statistical lists on foundations and their giving.

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