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Our Mission for 60 Years
Foundation Center is a nonprofit that has promoted effective philanthropy since 1956. We provide social sector organizations with the tools they need to build sustainable organizations and to become leaders.

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With your support, we can help the communities you care about to thrive through the nonprofits that serve them. By supporting Foundation Center, you are supporting thousands of nonprofits around the globe.

Foundation Center is an Extension of Your Foundation's Work
We help your grantees tap into an unparalleled set of tools and information plus worldwide locations that provide free personal assistance.

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Close to 550 foundations and corporations provide annual support to Foundation Center, joined by a growing number of valued individual donors. Those contributions help us toward achieving the goals in our 2020 strategic investment plan. This support helps us to maintain and strengthen our programs and services, the majority of which are free. And we do our part by covering more than half of Foundation Center's operating budget with earned income.


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As we create innovative solutions to strengthen the philanthropic sector, we rely on donors like you to expand our reach and thereby our value to you, the organizations you care about, and the field.

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To learn more about making a grant to Foundation Center, contact R. Nancy Albilal, Vice President for Development, at (212) 807-3624 or rna@foundationcenter.org.