Marieke van Schaik

For the majority of her career, Marieke van Schaik has been with social enterprises that combine passion and professionalism in working for a better world. Working for the Dutch Charity Lotteries since 2000, Marieke has been able to make a significant contribution to its growth — developing and implementing a strategic vision on how best to spend the charity funds as well as dealing with the demands of an ever-growing and increasingly influential company.

The Dutch Charity Lotteries (Dutch Postcode Lottery, BankGiro Lottery, and Friends Lottery) give 50 percent of every ticket sold to good causes in the fields of nature conservation, poverty eradication, human rights and social cohesion, cultural heritage in the Netherlands, and health and welfare in the Netherlands.

Since 2009, Marieke has served as one of the three managing directors of the Dutch Charity Lotteries, and since 2013, she has chaired the team. Marieke's direct portfolio includes public affairs, charities, media, customer service, and human resources. She obtained a degree in international relations from the University of Amsterdam and then worked as a project manager at the DOEN Foundation before joining the newly set up charity department of the Dutch Charity Lotteries in 2000. After holding various positions in the department, she became head of the team in 2006 managing relations with hundreds of organizations receiving or wishing to receive lottery funding; implementing the application, monitoring, and evaluation processes; and organizing communications and events on charity issues.

Marieke co-initiated, conceptualized, and organized the first Postcode Lottery Green Challenge competition in 2007 and is still a jury member. The Green Challenge is the largest annual worldwide competition for the best green business plan and awards €500,000. In 2009, Marieke was closely involved in introducing the Dream Fund, which challenges organizations that receive €1 million or more from the Dutch Postcode Lottery to apply for their dream project: high risk initiatives with a potentially high impact. Examples include "A Breakthrough in the Fight Against AIDS," the HIV/AIDS treatment as prevention project in Swaziland, and the "Rhino Protection Program" in South Africa.

Marieke lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with her husband Matthew Whitehead and three sons.